Friday, April 13, 2012


travelling, with child...

In 6 days, our little family of three is travelling from Europe to Florida, with a (hopefully) short stop  in Washington! I am nervous already now about what to pack, about being ready for all unexpected events,like: rain, snow, hurricane, heat wave, accident, paper cut, nervous breakdown and dehydration. Yes, I know, some of these might sound a little crazy, but in my opinion a mother can never be over prepared on a road trip!!!
So I put together a little survival kit for a long flight!

Most important for mom: be stylish and comfortable! I cannot go anywhere without a watch and since a few months, always in my bag: Elisabeth Arden's 8Hour Cream (wich is a wonder cream!) and a magazine for entertainment. 

For MissK: a warm cardigan, sunhat, a backpack full wonders, comfy shoes, and water, water, water! 

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