Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our daughter  is 3 years and 4 month old. What this means??? Well it means that she is strong headed, has already the vocabulary to argue with me (and I must say, although it drives me crazy sometimes, she is pretty darn good at it!), she thinks everything is a game...literally EVERYTHING: dressing, eating, going up the stairs, brushing teeth...and honestly, in the middle of our mundane crazy life, I would just like that she simply goes up the stairs, just like that. Without me coming up with a racing game, or singing a "going up the stairs" song, or skip and hop like a bunny myself! Is that much to ask? Probably not...but then again, how long does she want to do all this? Probably not long...and will I miss it when it's over? Terribly!!! So in this spirit:

forget...that all she wanted to do at dinner is take her piece of bread and smash to the table until there was nothing else just the tiniest of bread crumbs. and forget that she told me to look away so she can brush a handful of crumbs on the freshly vacuumed floor. forget that I had to tell her 50 times: please stop doing that!!!!
remember...that she asked you while you were putting her down to sleep whether you are ill? why else wouldn't you lay down in her bed and cuddle her until she falls asleep? remember how she then holds your face with both of her hands, and touches your nose with her nose and says "much better like this"...

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