Friday, March 23, 2012

work and the fourmonkeys

I had a such a busy day! I was early at work, worked longer than planned, ran for a meeting with a guy who presented his offer for our business, went for dinner with MissK (my daugter :-)) and my hubby; drove home; put the little rascal to bed and decided that I am beat and in an urgent need to just sit and watch a movie.
Actually, it was a good day. Our little project is taking shape and it makes me feel good that I see some progress.
I know, you might be curious or even confused about what I am talking about all the time, but everthing in due come back for more!

p.s.: made a wonderful amazon purchase today: Zoku popsickle machine! Spring is in the air and my husband and daughter are huge ice cream fans, so I thought this is a healthier alternative. I am very curious!!!

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