Saturday, March 31, 2012

a week alone

hi there,
Since hubby and MissK are on holiday this week (a little father-daughter bonding trip), I was the whole week alone! Now one would think when you finally get some free time, you will do a thousand things!!!NO! Actually you have no idea where to start and are totally paralyzed by the many possibilities. Or at least this is what happened to me!
Still, I tried to work a lot, planned to work out, but did not do, read a little, went for a movie with a friend, went eating and dancing with another friend who is just visiting over the weekend, and then worked some more!
On an other note, I've dicided to turn a little corner of our bedroom into an office, and I've started looking on Pinterest for inpiration. I got lucky and found some really sweet home office ideas.

 I love this one because it is so simple and easy to make. And it gave me the idea to use MY moodboard as a wall deco.

This second one is also beautiful, especially if you lack storage space. 

Have a lovely day...and look back for more soon!

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