Wednesday, June 12, 2013

personal / at the lake

supplies for an hour long boat ride

insists on driving the boat

she's in charge

this is so much fun!

After weeks of rain and terribly cold weather, the weather gods were on our side last weekend, and the temperatures finally went up up up! It was sunny and warm, and we decided to drive to a lake near our city. K had so much fun! We really just enjoy looking at her, soaking up the sun and the summer fun. We went for a boat ride, had a picnic, went for a run (K biked along next to us...and I must say this little girl can bike! 12km!!!) ...then hit the playground and after we were sweaty enough, had a dip in the lake. Oh summer, we enjoy every minute of you! 

doll: Luckyboysunday
dress: Milibe from last year
sunglasses: sons+daughters

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