Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Breakfast at Daniel

I would like if our little family of three went, at least once a month, for a breakfast...somewhere where mommy doesn't need to cook, bake or do anything at all for that matter! Not even paying the bill :-) (I know, that's a good one). So last week we've visited Hotel Daniel's Breakfast Buffet, and oh my God, was I full at the end. 

For starters they have such a lovely space: modern, urban, chic!!! It is great with kids, but without, too. There are fresh fruits and vegetables, personalized omelettes, home-baked sweets, French cheeses and an array of different breads. The waiters are friendly (at least our was just lovely, friendly and chatty), the coffee is good and if you stay until lunch...well, try something from their lunch menu too! they don't mind!!!
I've taken some pictures myself, but please look over to their site

And if you're ever visiting Vienna, AT you're gonna love their urban chic rooms too!

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