Friday, June 22, 2012

10 creative family portraits

Hello friends! How are you? Excited about the weekend? I know I am!!! Weekend means FAMILY time! This weekend is a rare treat for us: we stay at home. Well, not closed up in the house, but we don't have to leave the city/country. We are often on the road on weekends, so I am looking forward for this one. We plan to go to the flea market, then work in the garden (our flowers, strawberries, peppermint and grass are in desperate need of a little one-on-one time with me!!!). In the afternoon we are invited to a family birthday party. Sunday we plan to have a late brunch and hang around with friends by the pool. The perfect weekend, don't you think?

Talking about family time, do you have a family portrait? I found some cute and creative ones on Pinterest. I think we will definitely have to make one now!

Do you have some creative and cute portraits? Please share!!!

Have a lovely weekend...

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