Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love for Tuss

You might have noticed it until now that my taste is more on the minimal side :-) nothing wild, especially in the print area. I don't have any problems with colour, but wild prints combined with 2+ colours do give me a headache (and in a very bad case, cause temporary blindness...but this happens mostly only to me:-))

So you can imagine my JOY (my heart just melts when I see these beautiful clothes!!!), when a year ago or so I've discovered the wonderfully simplistic kid's brand from Sweden: TUSS. Their logo tells all: "the ultimate simple solution"...and it really is. Almost every piece can be combined together, and create a harmonious, elegant but comfortable outfit. They are beautifully made, high quality clothes, in which children can move and play...what I love so much about the minimalistic style is that you can really see THE CHILD! You don't get distracted by anything. You just see their wonderful cheery selves...Summer 2012 will be simply minimal!!!

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BZ said...

this is a test comment:

I love colors, especially when they are mixed and look like out of a comic book.
Check below - really lovely things for girls:


... anyhow it seems our children will just grow up very differently dressed

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